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SmartStart is committed to doing things right. We firmly believe that a corporation has just as much obligation to its community as does any individual. SmartStart actively supports a variety of non-profit organizations both financially and intellectually.

One of the ways SmartStart feels they can contribute most significantly is through the donation of our services. Many non-profit organizations are forced to use background check services that are less than thorough. This is often a waste of the organization's resources and can be especially dangerous in the vulnerable sectors.

SmartStart wants to help these organizations close the gaps in their background checks and provide the level of quality they and their patrons deserve.

Here are some of the current and previous companies we've assisted:

A Helping Hand - Background Check Employment Screening

A Helping Hand

Senior Care Assistance

1502 West NC Hwy 54
Suite 405
Durham, North Carolina 27707

MDA _ BAckground Check EMployment Screening

Muscular Dystrophy Association — USA
National Headquarters
3300 E. Sunrise Drive
TucsonAZ 85718
(800) 572-1717

White Buffalo Calf Woman Society

White Buffalo Calf Woman Society, Inc

Provides shelter and advocacy for individuals who have been victimized by violence.

PO Box 227
Mission, SD 57555
(605) 856-2317



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