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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the most frequently asked and important questions. Click on the Answer link to review the answer.


Q: What is a SIR (Standard Industry Response)? Show/Hide Answer

ANSWER : A Standard Industry Response is and answer that is based on factual information and cannot deviate regardless of which company you approach. You should question the source or integrity of any company providing you an answer that dieviates from that SIR. (i.e. The state assessed fee for New York is $65.00 no matter what company you order it from.)

Q: What is your average turnaround time? Show/Hide Answer

ANSWER: 85% of our criminal searches are returned in 24 hours or less. 13% of those searches are returned in 48 hours or less. There are scenarios where court document have to be ordered and we are at the mercy of the government to provide files in a timely manner.

Employment and education verification vary but our company average is 3 days or less. Remember, this is also a situation where we are at the mercy of organizations who have no reason to provide assistance.

Q: What is the typical cost of a background check? Show/Hide Answer

ANSWER: Background checks vary in scope and services. Location, services, and volume can substantially contribute to discounts. Contact our sales department for a no pressure consulation and quote.

Q: Do you offer a criminal database search? Show/Hide Answer

ANSWER: SmartStart does have a criminal database product that we sell as a supplement to a complete background check only. See our white paper on the dangers of databases.

Q: What are State assessed fees? Show/Hide Answer

ANSWER: A state assessed fee is a fee imposed by the state or government to obtain data (or clearance) on an applicant. These fees are typically found at the state repository level and approximately 3.5% of the counties throughout the United States also impose fees.

Q: What are third party fees? Show/Hide Answer

ANSWER: A third party fee are fees charged by organization who house data used in the screening process. These fees are usually associated with employment and education verifications. Many companies and Universities are outsourcing their data to companies so they don't have to deal with the verification process. These companies charge a fee to access the information. Unfortunately, in most of these situations, there is no way to avoid the fee if you want the information.


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