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At SmartStart, we are committed to ensuring our corporate footprint is as small as possible. We have implemented several policies and initiatives that allow us to maintain a high standard of corporate responsibility when it comes to environmental stewardship. Believing that environmental stewardship must be a team effort, we provide continual educational opportunities for our employees on topics such as conservation, efficient uses of energy, and recycling. We hope that our commitment to the planet and our respect for the next generation will inspire our partners to join the cause and embrace an attitude of environmental responsibility at home and beyond.

SmartStart Green Policies:

Efficient Use of Energy

  • Purchase energy-star compliant hardware and supplies whenever possible. This should include computers, monitors, printers, light bulbs, as well as break and restroom supplies and appliances. Educate and encourage employees to do the same.
  • Recognize that investing in energy efficient IT solutions may cost more up front, but they will save substantially on energy costs in the long run.
  • 'Lights Out' and 'Shut Down' Policies: Require that employees make an extra effort to turn out the lights and shut down computers at the end of the day.

Minimize Waste

  • Offer paperless solutions to clients and implement paperless processes for internal departments.
  • This cuts down on paper waste, waste associated with mailing, and waste associated with bulky storage options such as filing cabinets. Clients may still choose to receive paper-based quotes, invoicing, or results should they need to.
  • When paper must be used, encourage printing on both sides and using scrap paper for note taking.
  • Purchase recycled paper. This helps expand the recycling market and assure recycling programs stay viable, thus diverting the waste from landfills and incinerators. It also means fewer trees to make the paper.
  • Reuse packing materials and boxes.


  • Choose a shredding company that recycles shredded documents
  • Partner with your city or county recycling program. Many municipal governments offer workplace recycling programs and will help you coordinate the collection and pick up of recyclable materials, such as plastic water bottles and soda cans.
  • Recycle old company cell phones and educate employees on how to recycle personal cell phones. Today's cell phones contain many toxic substances. With many consumers going through several cell phones inside a year, recycling will prevent these toxins from entering our landfills and allow the parts to be reused.


  • Implement a telecommuting policy. Even if it is only for certain positions or certain days of the week, allowing employees to telecommute helps reduce carbon emissions, reduce gasoline consumption, and often increases goodwill among employees. Telecommuting options also allow employees to be more flexible, resulting in longer service availability hours for clients.

Spread the Word – Education and Training

  • Provide educational opportunities for employees. At SmartStart, we host quarterly webinars to discuss emerging environmental issues and identify ways to make a difference
  • Allow your employees to educate you. Recognize that there is likely a wealth of knowledge among your employee base and encourage them to contribute. We have a quarterly contest and award for the employee who submits the most innovative way to make a difference environmentally. The idea can be relevant to work, home, or community.


  • Support suppliers who have also implemented green policies.

We understand that going green often involves an initial investment of time and money. That's why we like to remind our partners, both internal and external, that going green saves green. Most of the policies listed above can help your company save money. At SmartStart, we recognize that while positively impacting the environment, we can also positively impact our bottom line. After all, that's what innovation is all about... Bettering our lives and communities by incorporating goodwill and technology into our daily decision-making.

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