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The government sector is very often not compliant with Federal guidelines when it comes to background investigations. Some cities turn to their local police departments to conduct background checks, a process that is questionably legal and depending on the records produced and considered, not compliant with the FCRA. This non compliance often results in large fines and punitive damages.

The government sector also has a large variation in positions that they employ, such as court clerks, police officers, street cleaners, construction workers, maintenance people, laywers, accountants, and engineers. This large variety must be met with an equally diverse set of packages and services to ensure that each individual is properly screened for issues related to their position. Drivers have motor vehicle reports, professionals have valid professional licenses verified as current and active, and management actually has the experience claimed allowing them to properly and efficiently manage city affairs.

SmartStart has helped numerous cities bring their background check programs into compliance and substantially simplified their screening process. SmartStart has been very successful in lowering costs with more efficient and effective screening programs. Contact us today to see how we can improve your screening programs.



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