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SmartStart has developed a program to address the needs of the Pharma, CRO, and BioTech industries. These industries have extremely complex requirements.

First, due to the value of their intellectual property, these industries are targeted by criminal organizations worldwide who seek employment for the purpose of industrial espionage.

Second, because of the highly desired jobs available, these industries are targeted by applicants who are willing to lie to gain employment. Even worse, applicants are using services to trick background check companies.

Applicants are actually paying companies to provide them with verifiable employment history and personal references. These companies create fake websites and have people who answer calls to substantiate applicant claims!

Your background check company is failing to catch these because they don't verify the veracity of the source, only that the data provided by the applicant matches the fake company records.

SmartStart has a solution!

Due to the global nature of these industries, they require companies that can provide quality results on an international basis as well as personalized support in multiple languages.

Industry Specific Services Include:

  • BioShield
  • SmartCheck Complete Criminal Background Check
    • Unlimited County Level Criminal
    • Unlimited Federal Level Criminal
    • NationWise Database
    • SSN Trace
  • Employment History & Veracity Check
  • Education Verification & Veracity
  • International Research
  • Social/Media Research
  • OIG
  • More

Nobody Services the Pharmaceutical/CRO/BioTech Industry Better Than SmartStart!

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