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SmartStart understands the needs of the retail organization. Several factors make retail companies more at risk than the typical company. In addition to protecting their employees from negligent hiring claims, retail companies have customers that may be exposed to their staff.

Additionally, they usually have greater concerns with theft of merchandise than the average company. Ensuring they have a full picture of an applicants past can help the retail organization make an informed decision to hire.

Retail companies also have to detail with seasonal hiring. This can adversly affect their background check company because as much as 70% of their annual hiring can happen within 2 - 3 months. This creates a need for a massive increase in staff. Background check companies who lack the ability to scale their staff, or more importantly, disperse operational duties, lack the ability to meet the clients quality and turnaround time standards.

SmartStart has a very unique service and operations methodology that allows us to scale our business without having to hire during peak seasons. This results in the most highly trained and knowledgable people processing your background investigations.

SmartStart understands the pains of the retail industry. Partner with SmartStart and experience a better way of doing background checks.


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