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Background checks have been an essential part of the employment screening process for decades. There are many services available in a background check, and different industries will package different services to create the ideal package for that industry. Here are the primary background check services offered by SmartStart. These services, combined with SmartStart's exceptional service, provide for the best solutions the background check industry has to offer.

Criminal Background Checks

Background Check - CriminalSmartStart has access to over 3,000 + county, state, and federal courthouses which provide the most current and accurate criminal record information in the Nation.

Use this information to avoid liability by keeping previous offenders out of positions sensitive to the nature of their offense.

Civil Background Check

Background Check GavelLike criminal records, civil information can produce valuable information regarding lawsuits, evictions, and financial mismanagement.

This search is often used for senior level and cash management position when legal stability is of priority.

Drug Testing Solutions

Background Check Drug TestPartnering with the world leaders in forensic drug testing, LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, SmartStart offers robust drug testing solutions.

Over 3,000 collection facilities in network. SmartStart offers cost effective alternatives through the combined purchasing power of thousands of drug testing clients.

Credential Verifications

Background Check - VerificationsThe single most falsiified data given to an employer is employment experience, educational achievements, or professional licensure. If a claim made by your applicant is important to your organization, then verify its accuracy.

SmartStart offers superior service and speed in the verification department because of our unique service methodology. SmartStart can reduce your turnaround time on average by as much as 75%.

Motor Vehicle Reports

Background Check - MVRSome States don't list DUI's/DWI's in the criminal dockets and a motor vehicle report is necessary to get a complete picture of your applicants history.

If you have a commercial drivers program, SmartStart can provide you with all the background check services to comply with the FMCSA and DOT requirements.

Credit Reports

Background Check - CreditCredit bureau information can certainly provide substantial benefit when considering positions that require an applicant to maintain a responsible credit rating for your firm or even for those in cash handling positions.

Lean on SmartStarts understanding of the FCRA and the varying State laws when deciding to use this service.

E-verify & I-9

Background Check E-VerifyAs E-Verify rapidly becomes mandatory in States all over the country, SmartStart offers representatives who are certified and trained to process I-9 forms through the online E-Verify System and answer your questions with the subject matter expertise you desire.

SMART (Applicant Tracking System)

Background Check - Applicant Tracking SystemSmartStart offers the most cost-effective solutions in applicant tracking software. The Smart Management of Applicant Recruiting and Tracking Software provides numerous features to simplify your job distribution, resume handling, processing of background checks, and so much more!



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