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Verification Solutions

Employment Verification

Verification of employment history includes dates of employment and position held. Optional information SmartStart will verify includes salary information, eligibility for rehire, and reason for leaving. Client may configure which questions to verify. Average turnaround time is 3 days.

Education Verification

SmartStart typically verifies the highest degree obtained by the applicant, however, we will verify all degrees obtained, including high school, upon request. Verification includes dates of attendance, date of degree, degree obtained, major/minor, and GPA if requested. Average turnaround time is 2 days.

Professional License Verification

Hundreds of professional license verifications are available. Examples include American Bar Association, Certified Public Accountant, and Certified Financial Planner. We verify the dates that the specialized training was received, confirmation of the professional license or certification, as well as confirmation that the license is in good standing.

Professional Reference Verifications

SmartStart offers highly configurable reference checks to suit any different position you are hiring for. You can select from a variety of questions we provide, or you can customize your own questions depending on your needs. Average turnaround time is 3 - 4 days depending on willingness to participate on behalf of the reference.


What make SmartStart different?

We recognize the difficulty of the verification process. We make 2 - 3 phone calls to the establishment everyday. Once we receive acknowledgement our request is being processed, we continue to call daily to ensure our request is not forgotten. This process has improved our turnaround time substantially.


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